My experiance with a Dominatrix sex contact

<img title="dominatrix" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-20" src="" alt="" width="664" height="1000" style="width: 524px; height: 775px;" srcset="http://www flagyl tablets 664w,×300.jpg 199w” sizes=”(max-width: 664px) 100vw, 664px” />

Letter from a member “I’ve always wanted to be dominated by a strong woman, at work I’m the Boss but sometimes I want to be controlled so I hot in internet in search of a Pro Dom, I came across “Domination Sex Contacts” where I Found the incredibly Dominant and sexy Mistress Jemstone. This strong woman took total control of my life, she made me worship her , made me smell her arsehole and pussy but never let me tough her, I nearly came many times but she wouldn’t let me, every time I came close to cumming she would kick me in my balls with her pointed boots. I let her film my humiliation for you to see, hopefully my work employees will see and humiliate me further.